Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Tips To Save Money On Family Travel and Vacations

This are some tips to save money on family travel and vacations. Hopes this can help.

Family travel and vacations have never been a cheap endeavor for most and more than ever families are looking for deals on their vacation. Knowing how to search for the deals and using a few quick tips can help save you money no matter if you are going on a large vacation to some island resort or simply traveling a few hours by car to a state park. Check out a few of the tips to save money on family travel and vacations below.

Book Your Travel In Advance – A tip that almost everyone knows but needs to be pointed out is that if you book ahead you can save money. While it depends on where, what, and when you’re booking your travel you can save anywhere from 5% to 30% when you book your travel at least 30 days in advance with ideally booking your travel at least 90 days in advance to get the maximum savings.

Don’t Be Afraid To Call – While booking your travel online is easy and usually ideal for those with busy schedules, don’t forget to also pick up the phone. Many websites including Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, and Hotels.com all have the option to call and book. Many times when you call you can find exclusive travel coupons available for their website as well a other discounts you may be missing. So don’t just settle for booking your travel online when you can make a 15 minute call to the company to possibly save a few dollars to a few hundred bucks. This tip also works with individual hotels.

Compare Travel Websites – if you’re going to be booking a hotel room or your entire vacation online then make sure you compare all of the travel sites to get the best deal. The website I feel is the best for comparing all the travel sites at once is Kayak, they usually test out to have the best deals as seen in our review of Google Flight search. All you do is go to the website, put in your information, and it will compare your destinations across multiple websites. It works great with individual hotels or hotel and flight combinations but isn’t available for vacation packages due to the complexity of each specific package.

Use Coupons and Deals – another common sense goal is to make sure you search for coupons, deals, and discounts ahead of time for not only the activities you plan to do but also any travel you may doing. We have various coupons for travel from online travel agencies to rental car companies and even tickets for attractions. For instance if you’re booking your hotel through Expedia then you would go to our Expedia hotel coupons page or if you were looking to go to SeaWorld then you would go to the SeaWorld coupons page to find some deals. You can find coupons for almost every place imaginable so take a few minutes to search around.

Rent A Car – instead of trying to take one of those expensive shuttles or taxis from the airport you can save money by renting a car in many cases. While it isn’t always true, you can usually save money by renting a car which also gives you flexibility to be able to drive to other locations when you arrive which will help save on other transportation costs. We have many deals available for rental cars companies including our most popular section for Enterprise Rent A Car coupons.

Buy Multi-Day Passes – not only can you buy multi-day passes for places like Disney or for specific cities, you can also get discounts for buying these tickets as a family. Most cities that are tourist attractions will have some type of multi-day pass where you buy a ticket which gets you access to almost all of the attractions in the area for one low price. We have a CityPass discount code to help you save more on the passes from CityPass but you can find other companies who provide the same thing in the place you’re traveling to.

Prepare Food Ahead of Time – nothing “eats up” your money like eating out for every meal or having to purchase snacks from a vending machine or cart in the tourist area of your vacation location. By packing some food ahead of time or going to the local grocery store in the area once you arrive will potentially save you a couple hundred, especially with a large family.

So by following some of the common sense tips we put above as well as some of the more unique tips you should be able to save some on your next family vacation. Just remember that there’s always a way to save more money on everything and when you keep that mindset you can achieve the ultimate frugality.

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