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Here I want to share an exciting place in Malaysia. Sure you all are interested in the bright lights here.



I-City located in Shah Alam, Selangor is known as the city of digital lights. It is recognised at the first lightscape tourism destination in Malaysia with state-of- the-art LED technology showcase.
The digital city includes trendy shopping streets and equipped with a theme park to cater to visitors' looking for a place to unwind.
The township accommodates high-tech infrastructure allowing for a unique display of digital lights. These attractions are located at CityPark and CityWalk.
You can chill in the park, view the wonderful sculptures and experience a whole new world with its dazzling light showcase. It is ideal for the whole family.
Do bring a camera to capture the wonderful and majestic light displays. It is truly magical!

How to get there
From PJ/KL , use the Federal Highway heading towards Shah Alam. Exit at the Batu Tiga Toll Station, look for the first BP gas station you see. Then turn left at the UiTm/i-City signage. Drive onwards till you reach the traffic light and turn right. Drive on the left side of the road until you see the Shell gas station and KFC before the traffic light. UiTM will be on your right. Turn left before the traffic lights, then go straight until you reach a T- junction then turn left. When you see a chrome ball turn left & left again, and you will reach i-City.

Who to contact

Kindly visit their website at for more information.

Accommodation Overview
Shah Alam offers several 3 to 5-star hotels. This destination is only 40 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur's city centre, where a full range of accommodation is available.

Nearby Attractions
- Blue Mosque 4.2km
- High 5 Bread Town Museum 7.5km
- Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) 24.88km
- Carey Island 26.72km
- Batu Caves 29.15km
- Zoo Negara 34.17km
- Sepang International Circuit 43.79km

Hopefully this information will help you to know Malaysia better and enjoy to visit Malaysia.

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Big things to come for Johor's east coast

Ever come to Malaysia, here I would like to introduce one more interesting places in the southern portion Malaysia, Johor.

BOOMING A multi-million ringgit project at Tanjung Leman will add more flourish to the vibrant tourism sector in the state's east coast.

The Fishing Bay Resort is among the many resorts in Mersing. It offers a breathtaking view.

The tourism sector for Johor's east coast received a huge boost recently when Johor Corporation (JCorp) announced the RM100-million Tanjung Leman resort town project at the popular beachside destination.

The mixed development, which includes a resort, theme park, agrotourism attraction, marina, 700 units of houses and 93 shoplots, is expected to spur economic activities in the surrounding areas.

Located about 120km from Johor Baru, Tanjung Leman is one of many beaches along Johor's east coast. This stretch of beach has a jetty which provides ferry services to nearby islands. There are also chalets and the Felda Residence resort.

The beauty of the state's east coast has been known for many years as it is blessed with sandy beaches. The coast is also teeming with fish that attract many anglers. Johor's east coast stretches from Pengerang at the southeastern tip to Mersing at the northeast.

Tanjung Leman is among the many tourist destinations between these two points. Other popular beaches along the same stretch are Desaru, Tanjung Balau and Tanjung Sedili.

Mersing and Tanjung Leman are located within the East Coast Economic Region (ECER) which is among the comprehensive development blueprints put in place by the government.

All these locations are expected to become boom towns in the years to come.

Many of these towns are considered small and are less congested compared to towns along Johor's west coast.

It is something one notices whenever one drives to this part of Johor. Instead of the busy north-south expressway at the west coast, there is a trunk road that stretches from Kota Tinggi to Mersing.

This trunk road is dotted with hilly terrain, jungles, villages, small towns and oil palm estates.

It is a less congested route. Though that can be a much-welcome respite for motorists, many also find that it can be somewhat deserted at night.

Some motorists try to avoid these roads after dark because of the many ghost stories that have been told about this stretch.

Nevertheless, Johor's east coast is an ideal place for nature lovers.

The Panti bird sanctuary in Kota Tinggi has been named by experts as one of the top four birdwatching spots in southeast Asia. It is located along the same trunk road, several kilometres north of Kota Tinggi.

Spread over 1,600 hectares, the sanctuary is known as a stopover for about 48 per cent of the total bird species found in peninsular Malaysia.

Managed by the state Forestry Department, the sanctuary has an 8-km bird-watching trail known as Bunker's Trail.

Nature lovers may be able to see tropical lowland birds and migratory birds from Myanmar, Thailand, India and Mongolia at certain times of the year.

Desaru, with its sandy beaches that are lined with trees, is another popular beach for Johoreans and foreigners alike.

The name is a combination of the Malay words desa (countryside) and rhu (casuarina tree). The beachside has several resorts, chalets and a public beach popular during weekends and public holidays.

The annual Desaru International Triathalon, which is normally held from September to November, also attracts sportsmen from across the globe.

Further down, at the southeastern tip of Johor, is Pengerang which is poised to become a boom town because of its oil and gas (O&G) industry.

Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman said Pengerang may well be on its way to becoming an O&G hub bigger than Kerteh in Terengganu.

This scenario is likely due to a RM60-billion refinery and petrochemical integrated development (Rapid) petrochemical complex slated for opening in 2015. Another RM6-billion deep-water petroleum terminal will also be built in Pengerang. These two projects will certainly create a ripple effect on tourism and spur the economy for local residents.

The town of Sungai Rengit, which is barely a few kilometres from Pengerang, is famous for its seafood restaurants, and this will bring in more tourism earnings to the town once the O&G projects are completed.

Johor's east coast will thrive even more now with more development projects in place.

Places like Pengerang, Tanjung Leman and Mersing will become more vibrant in years to come.
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“Can’t Miss” Tourist Attractions in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is an incredibly diverse and fascinating city, and there are many sights and activities to keep you busy during your stay.

And with the world's busiest airport serving this great southern city, hunting down cheap flights to Atlanta isn't all that tough.

Here are five of the top tourist attractions in Atlanta that the whole family can enjoy.

Saving tip: If you plan on visiting all five, you might consider purchasing an Atlanta CityPASS, which grants visitors admission to all five attractions for just $69.

World of Coca Cola : The World of Coca Cola is comprised a large Coke museum (featuring Coke paraphernalia both old and new), a tasting room (where you can sample some of Coke’s most famous products), and a large gift shop where you can purchase Coke-related souvenirs. Prepare for a sugar rush!

CNN Atlanta Studios : News junkies will love touring the global headquarters of CNN. Tickets are available for two different tours : the Morning Express Tour (a tour of the morning show) and the CNN VIP Tour. Detailed information on tour times and ticket prices can be found on the CNN tour website.

High Museum of Art: Atlanta’s world-class High Museum of Art boasts and impressive permanent collection, as well as a variety of well-curated temporary exhibitions throughout the year. On view between September 25, 2011 and January 8, 2012 is The Sculptures of Grainger McKoy, an artist known for his life-like wildlife sculptures. Picasso to Warhol, an exhibition featuring fourteen twentieth-century artists who redefined the very idea of art, is on view between October 15, 2011 and April 29, 2012.

Georgia Aquarium: Kids of all ages will be awed by the sea creatures at the Georgia Aquarium. A variety of tours and educational programs are available (see the Georgia Aquarium’s website for more information).

Atlanta History Center: The Atlanta History Center is comprised of the Atlanta History Museum, Centennial Olympic Games Museum, Swan House, Smith Family Farm, six historic gardens, and the Kenan Research Center. Visit one or all of these sites to learn more about the history and culture(s) of Atlanta, or simply stroll the Center’s stunning grounds.

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7 Tips Money Saving Travel

Where attractive destinations you want to go? Sure, you want some fun in this December. If you're not getting a bonus or under financial pressure, you need to plan ahead. I have tips for you.

Unless you receive a whopper bonus or an unexpected Christmas windfall, for most South Africans ‘kicking back’ and taking a break often comes with a nasty price-tag. Beat the annual holiday splurge that can leave you with little more than a peeling tan and a bad bank balance come January by taking a frugal vacation.

Here's how the smart holiday-maker will be living it up during December without breaking the bank in 2012:

1. House-sitting
This is a great idea if you’d like to earn a few bucks while on holiday. Many people go away each year leaving their homes and pets unattended for long periods of time and need a house-sitter to keep an eye on things. This is a perfect opportunity to enjoy free accommodation and earn some spending money while you’re at it!

2. Swap houses
If a ‘bells and whistles’ holiday is too pricey this year, why not just swap homes with someone instead? It works by trading places with other frugal travellers like you or family and friends for the holiday and is a smart way to enjoy a getaway without forking out a cent for accommodation.

3. Sleep under the stars
Camping is another adventure-filled, cost-effective option for those who are keen to explore the great outdoors. Not only will you save tons of money on accommodation and meals, you’ll also enjoy getting back to basics by cooking potjies on a fire; taking long walks in the forests or beachfronts or reading that holiday novel you’ve been meaning to get around to without any TV interruptions!

4. Try something new closer to home
Talk to family and friends for recommendations and look for destinations that are closer to home and affordable. Often the smaller, unknown spots offer the most unexplored beauty and best hospitality.
So instead of the usual, pricey vacation, why not try something new?

5. Stay-cautious
Although the idea of going away to a new, unexplored holiday destination sounds more fun than staying at home; the reality is it’s often more expensive. Become a tourist in your own city by exploring the local galleries, farmer’s markets, beaches or picnic sites.
Not only will this save you tons of moolah on travelling, accommodation and all the other associated costs of going on holiday; the ideas are endless and can be as easy as camping in your backyard if you so wish.

6. Fly local or go road-tripping
Sometimes flying is cheaper than driving. If you decide to fly local, subscribe to low-cost airlines’ mailing lists, such as, for regular special deal offers. Book early, avoid peak travel times and always be on the lookout while comparing prices.
For international trips, take advantage of medical aid. They could also come in handy when booking accommodation as hotels often honour them for free or discounted rooms.
If you’re driving, why not grab a bunch of friends and turn it into a road trip? This way everyone can chip in on the petrol and other expenses along the way. Also ensure your car has a service done upfront to avoid any expensive tow-in costs in case of an accident.

7. Enjoy all the free entertainment on offer!
Sometimes you can spend so much money getting to your destination that you don’t have enough left to enjoy anything while you’re there. Keep an eye out for free activities on offer in your local city or even holiday resort. Why not take the kids to build sandcastles on the beach; enjoy reading a book in the garden or go and have a sunset picnic in a scenic spot?
You could also opt for adventurous nature activities such as bike riding, hiking or swimming. Search your local newspaper for listings and holiday go to guides to spot any free events or activities that could be worth exploring. Once you start looking, you’ll be surprised how much there is to do.

There are many ways to save on holiday. So while you may not be able to go to Europe or afford lavish hotel trips each year; with some smart planning, dedication and research you can still have an enjoyable, relaxed getaway. Being frugal during the rest of the year can also make an immense difference to your holiday budget.

Enjoy your holidays with this new tips. 

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Top 5 Medical Tourism Destinations

I have read this article relates the top 5 Medical Tourism Destinations.

The modern concept of medical tourism - traveling to foreign countries for lower cost of care. Medical tourism destinations have emerged all over the globe, from Thailand to South Africa, and even European countries such as Hungary. The industry anticipates a great deal of growth in the coming years, from a 2004 estimate of $40 billion to $100 billion by 2012, according to statistics produced by McKinsey & Company and the Confederation of India.

Experts believe that medical tourism will have a positive impact on the economies of destination countries and benefit skilled and unskilled trades alike. The medical tourism phenomenon may also bode well for foreign investors who hold an interest in those countries.

Below, NuWire has selected its Top 5 Medical Tourism Destinations which present the most attractive opportunities for medical tourists and foreign investors alike. These markets were selected based on quality and affordability of care as well as receptiveness to foreign investment.

It should also be noted that medical staffs in the following countries are largely English-speaking, and thus language barriers do not pose a major obstacle for foreign patients.

Panama's economy should benefit from medical tourism

1. Panama

Panama offers significantly lower costs for medical procedures just south of the U.S. border. Costs, on average, are 40 to 70 percent lower than costs of similar surgeries in the U.S., according to a report on medical tourism published by the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) last November. Although costs for medical procedures are generally higher compared to those of Southeast Asian countries, travel costs from the U.S. to Panama are considerably lower.

Panama is a relatively “Americanized” country and an attractive place for both regular tourists and medical tourists to visit. Panama City is a relatively safe and modern destination; the U.S. dollar is the country’s official currency, and many of the physicians are U.S.-trained. Consequently, U.S. patients are less likely to experience a high degree of culture shock when seeking care in Panama.

Medical tourism should have a positive impact on Panama’s economy, which relies heavily on the services industry. The medical tourism industry can also help to utilize Panama’s labor force of approximately 1.5 million people, which has a surplus of unskilled labor, according to the CIA World Factbook.

In general, Panama has shown commitment to improving its economy in fostering trade relations with the U.S. Rather than participate in Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), Panama independently negotiated a free trade agreement with the US in December 2006.

Finally, Panama presents a wide range of opportunities for real estate investments as well as investments in the service and tourism-related industries. For more information on investing in Panama, please read our previous article, Investment Opportunities in Panama.

2. Brazil

Brazil has become an international mecca for cosmetic and plastic surgeries. Its road to fame in medical tourism began with Ivo Pitanguy, the world-renowned plastic surgeon who opened a clinic outside of Rio de Janeiro more than 40 years ago. It is the second largest market for plastic surgery in the world, behind the U.S., which is most likely attributed to the high quality of service and low cost compared to other countries.

Brazil is also becoming a medical tourism destination for other types of procedures in its own right. In terms of general medical treatment, Brazil has the most hospitals of any country outside the U.S. that are fully accredited by the Joint Commission (JCAHO), the largest U.S. hospital accreditation organization, according to the website for medical tourism service company MedRetreat.

São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, is considered to have some of the world’s best equipped hospitals, advanced evaluation procedures and highly skilled physicians, according to, a website hosted by Sphera Internacional.

Brazil can be reached from most U.S. cities within eight to 12 hours by plane.

Brazil is predicted to become one of the world’s most dominant economies in the future, according to the BRIC theory proposed by Jim O’Neill of Goldman Sachs. Furthermore, Brazil’s property sector appears favorable for foreign investment. For more information about investing in Brazil real estate, please read our previous article,Brazil Property Investment: More Than Just the Amazon.

Malaysia's capital city is metropolitan and modern

3. Malaysia

Malaysia’s medical tourism industry has seen staggering growth over recent years. The number of foreigners seeking healthcare services in Malaysia has grown from 75,210 patients in 2001 to 296,687 patients in 2006, according to the Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia. The large volume of patients in 2006 brought approximately $59 million in revenue. The Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia projected that the number of foreigners seeking medical treatment in Malaysia will continue to grow at a rate of 30 percent a year until 2010.

Malaysia offers a wide array of medical procedure - including dental, cosmetic and cardiac surgeries - at significantly lower costs than in the U.S. In Malaysia, cardiac bypass surgery, for example, costs around $6,000 to $7,000, according to a publication released by Tourism Malaysia last November.

Malaysia attracts medical tourists and investors alike for its favorable exchange rate, political and economic stability and high rate of literacy. The country also offers a comprehensive network of hospitals and clinics, with 88.5 percent of the population living within three miles of a public health clinic or private practitioner, according to statistics quoted on

In addition, Malaysia’s real estate market offers the potential for significant returns.

4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica, like Panama, has become a popular destination among North American patients for inexpensive, high-quality medical care “without a trans-Pacific flight,” according to experts quoted in the University of Delaware’sUDaily news in 2005. The convenience of travel has made the country a particularly attractive destination for American patients, as Costa Rica can be reached from most U.S. cities within seven to 10 hours of flight time.

Around 150,000 foreigners sought care in Costa Rica in 2006, according to the NCPA report published last November. Often, foreign patients travel to Costa Rica for the low costs of dental work and plastic surgery. Costs of procedures in Costa Rica are generally less than half the cost of the same procedures in the U.S.; the price of a dental veneer, for instance, is approximately $350 in Panama, whereas the same procedure is $1,250 in the U.S., according to the website for Medical Tourism of Costa Rica, a medical travel service company.

The country’s political stability, high education levels and the fiscal incentives offered in free-trade zones have attracted substantial foreign investment, according to the CIA World Factbook. The Costa Rican government seems to be taking steps to further encourage foreign investment in the country; in October 2007, a national referendum voted in favor of the U.S.-Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). Successful implementation by March 2008 should result in an improved investment climate.

Population, education and business are all booming in India

5. India

India, arguably, has the lowest cost and highest quality of all medical tourism destinations , according to a report on medical tourism published by the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) last November. Several hospitals are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and utilize highly trained physicians and cutting-edge medical technology. But India comes in fifth on our list rather than first because of the amount of restrictions placed on foreign investors and the distance Americans must travel to get there.

The medical tourism sector is experiencing rapid growth, with approximately 500,000 foreign patients travelling to India for medical care in 2005, compared to an estimated 150,000 patients in 2002, according to experts quoted in the University of Delaware’s UDaily news. In monetary terms, experts estimate that medical tourism could bring India as much as $2.2 billion per year by 2012.

India has become a well-known medical tourist destination for cardiac and orthopedic procedures. In the past, American patients have travelled to India for procedures such as Birmingham hip resurfacing, which was previously unavailable in the U.S., and has only recently been FDA approved. Medical tourists also journey to India for procedures that carry high costs in the U.S.; for example, Apollo Hospital in New Delhi charges $4,000 for cardiac surgery, while the same procedure would cost about $30,000 in the U.S.

Although India has taken significant steps to becoming the “global health destination” envisioned by Finance Minister Jaswant Sing in the country’s 2003 budget, the country still faces problems such as overpopulation, environmental degradation, poverty and ethnic and religious strife. Such problems may dissuade some patients from traveling to India to receive healthcare.

What the Indian government has in store for foreign investors also remains uncertain. Although the government has reduced controls on foreign trade and investment, incremental progress on economic reforms still hinder foreign access to India's vast and growing market, according to the CIA World Factbook.

Now we know a few places to to go for Medical (Medical Tourism Destinations).

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Tips To Save Money On Family Travel and Vacations

This are some tips to save money on family travel and vacations. Hopes this can help.

Family travel and vacations have never been a cheap endeavor for most and more than ever families are looking for deals on their vacation. Knowing how to search for the deals and using a few quick tips can help save you money no matter if you are going on a large vacation to some island resort or simply traveling a few hours by car to a state park. Check out a few of the tips to save money on family travel and vacations below.

Book Your Travel In Advance – A tip that almost everyone knows but needs to be pointed out is that if you book ahead you can save money. While it depends on where, what, and when you’re booking your travel you can save anywhere from 5% to 30% when you book your travel at least 30 days in advance with ideally booking your travel at least 90 days in advance to get the maximum savings.

Don’t Be Afraid To Call – While booking your travel online is easy and usually ideal for those with busy schedules, don’t forget to also pick up the phone. Many websites including Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, and all have the option to call and book. Many times when you call you can find exclusive travel coupons available for their website as well a other discounts you may be missing. So don’t just settle for booking your travel online when you can make a 15 minute call to the company to possibly save a few dollars to a few hundred bucks. This tip also works with individual hotels.

Compare Travel Websites – if you’re going to be booking a hotel room or your entire vacation online then make sure you compare all of the travel sites to get the best deal. The website I feel is the best for comparing all the travel sites at once is Kayak, they usually test out to have the best deals as seen in our review of Google Flight search. All you do is go to the website, put in your information, and it will compare your destinations across multiple websites. It works great with individual hotels or hotel and flight combinations but isn’t available for vacation packages due to the complexity of each specific package.

Use Coupons and Deals – another common sense goal is to make sure you search for coupons, deals, and discounts ahead of time for not only the activities you plan to do but also any travel you may doing. We have various coupons for travel from online travel agencies to rental car companies and even tickets for attractions. For instance if you’re booking your hotel through Expedia then you would go to our Expedia hotel coupons page or if you were looking to go to SeaWorld then you would go to the SeaWorld coupons page to find some deals. You can find coupons for almost every place imaginable so take a few minutes to search around.

Rent A Car – instead of trying to take one of those expensive shuttles or taxis from the airport you can save money by renting a car in many cases. While it isn’t always true, you can usually save money by renting a car which also gives you flexibility to be able to drive to other locations when you arrive which will help save on other transportation costs. We have many deals available for rental cars companies including our most popular section for Enterprise Rent A Car coupons.

Buy Multi-Day Passes – not only can you buy multi-day passes for places like Disney or for specific cities, you can also get discounts for buying these tickets as a family. Most cities that are tourist attractions will have some type of multi-day pass where you buy a ticket which gets you access to almost all of the attractions in the area for one low price. We have a CityPass discount code to help you save more on the passes from CityPass but you can find other companies who provide the same thing in the place you’re traveling to.

Prepare Food Ahead of Time – nothing “eats up” your money like eating out for every meal or having to purchase snacks from a vending machine or cart in the tourist area of your vacation location. By packing some food ahead of time or going to the local grocery store in the area once you arrive will potentially save you a couple hundred, especially with a large family.

So by following some of the common sense tips we put above as well as some of the more unique tips you should be able to save some on your next family vacation. Just remember that there’s always a way to save more money on everything and when you keep that mindset you can achieve the ultimate frugality.

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Greenwich is in top 10 travel hotspots for 2012

Top 10 travel hotspots for 2012. 

A WORLD-RENOWNED travel guide has named Greenwich as one of the top ten global destinations for 2012.

Frommer’s called Greenwich “one of London’s most historic areas”, with the “city’s lifeblood, the River Thames... allowing Greenwich to reinvent itself continually.”

It is the only UK destination on the list, highlighted by the guide for its maritime Unesco heritage site, naval history and baroque facades by legendary architects like Wren, Hawksmoor, and Vanburgh.

Along with established sites like the Old Royal Naval College and Observatory, the area is also praised for the world class views from Greenwich Park across to the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf.

Author Mark Henshall writes: “In 2012 Greenwich celebrates the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Olympic events and even gets London's brand-new cable car.

“But to get a real feel of the place just jump on a Thames Clipper boat and just go with the flow.”

The area is known internationally as the home of Greenwich Mean Time, one of a number of tourist attractions.

Before, during and after the Games, held between July and September, a cultural festival will also be held on the borough’s streets, including Greenwich Festivals, which will be celebrating the cultural vibrancy of the area.

Greenwich Council is hoping for a boost in tourist numbers after making the list, with tourism being worth £744m to the local economy, and a source of around 8,000 jobs.

Leader of Greenwich Council Councillor Chris Roberts said: “It is very gratifying that Frommer’s have this year chosen to highlight Greenwich as a top-ten attraction. It is a fitting time to take centre stage.

“Travellers from across the globe should know that in Greenwich they will receive a warm welcome, as they discover the richness and diversity of our visitor attractions.”

Already live in Greenwich? Frommer’s recommends these…

- Bay of Fundy, Canada.

“One of the world’s most dynamic and dramatic coastlines”

- Beirut, Lebanon.

“An enticing combination of French designer boutiques, private beach clubs, cutting-edge galleries and magnificent third-century mosaics”

- Chongqing, China.

“Offers a captivating glimpse of modern China - the good, the gritty and the glamorous.”

- Curacao, Caribbean Sea.

“Curvaceous white beaches, cerulean seas, and a coral reef brimming with marine life”

- Fukuoka, Japan.

“A model green city”

- Ghana.

“Embraces traditional and contemporary cultures as well as beaches and safaris.”

- Girona, Spain.

“Packs a cultural punch that is the envy of many a larger destination.”

- Kansas City, USA.

“New hot spots join a long list of terrific Kansas City attractions.”

- Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

“Sublime beaches, a unique cuisine, joyous fiestas and exotic wildlife.”

Hope this info is useful for us for travel dan holidays.

By James Crouch

Sunday, 30 October 2011

London's East End hot pick for investment

London's East End is hot pick for investment as the borough ranked top 10 destination of 2012, report Property Frontiers.

Investors considering buying in the Capital should take a second look at the Royal Borough of Greenwich in the East End of London, ranked by Frommers, the worldwide travel guide, as one of the Top 10 Destinations of 2012.

Sitting alongside exotic global destinations such as Ghana and Beirut, Greenwich, often considered to be the gateway to the East End of London, is set to enjoy its time in the limelight even further next year due to the numerous Summer Olympic events happening right on its doorstep.

Ray Withers, Director of investment experts, Property Frontiers, comments:

"We are delighted to see that the East End of London and indeed Greenwich receive internal accolade for its touristic appeals.

"The area as a whole has developed considerably in the last two decades with the establishment of the Canary Wharf financial centre, revitalisation of the Docklands, expansion of London City Airport and the Olympic Site having a very positive impact.

"It is certainly one area which holds a great deal of interest both to us and our clients."

An up and coming tourist destination within London, if you get under the skin of Greenwich it is easy to see why this 'little green patch' of London has been given such an exciting accolade.

Greenwich was the main naval centre of England in the 18th and 19th centuries and is steeped in history, to the point that it is now an UNESCO heritage site.

The architecture is awash with remarkable baroque facades by architects such as Wren, Hawksmoor, and Vanburgh as well as fine cuisine, interesting shops and a wonderful covered market which sets this area apart from many others in London.

Home to the largest leisure arena in Europe, the O2, Greenwich will also be the place to alight the new Emirates Air Line cable car which is being installed across the River Thames, expected to take thousands of tourists to and from the Olympic Park at Stratford.

With already high levels of tourism to the area and Frommers ear-marking the borough as a top place to visit in 2012, demand for accommodation is also set to rise, creating a lucrative opportunity for savvy property investors.

Withers explains:

"If you want to make a property investment which has a winning formula not just for today but for the future then you need to select an area that is just about to hit the 'big time' and where there is long term growth forecast.

"Rising tourism and a shortage of accommodation makes the East End of London the perfect investment environment."

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Friday, 28 October 2011

Traveling to Ecuador is the Best Holidays Plan

Want to know more place to go during holidays? Ecuador is best destination for holidays and honeymoon.

For newly wed couples, Ecuador is the most perfect and suitable place for them. This place has been declared as the world heritage site by international environment organizations. Since then the place has become the perfect tourist destination of South America. After the declaration as world heritage city, this location has been continuously renovated and equipped with facilities to cater thousands of people every day. Finalizing travel to Ecuador by newly wed couple would be the best decision made at the beginning of their relationship.

This location has many things to cater to every tourist in a day. The trip provides memories for whole life which remains always unforgettable. Ecuador is the city which is completely equipped with Churches and monuments which have their own stories to tell. Roaming from one monument to another or offering payers in various Churches will not make you tired at all. The reason lies in the best climatic conditions that remain soothing throughout the year. The temperature in the locality remains always soothing and bearable.

Another reason that will boast your stamina are exotic food that are found here. Coming here will increase your appetite due to the rare taste and aroma that is found in the food available here. There are hundreds of rarest dishes and tastiest exotic dishes found here in Ecuador. In the location you will find tastiest fish dishes that are prepared by the most famous chiefs in the city. The hotels available in the city provide presidential services along with the exotic food.

Well, this is not the end of the story. After offering all these exceptional services and viewing historical monuments and Churches, the place also offers various things. Remember, coming here once will encourage you to book the place in advance for next vacation. The reason lies in its bird watching activity. This location is famous for rarest species that are hardly found any where in the world. Due to birding activities this place has been declared as world heritage city. The location provide habitat for one thousand and six hundred species approximately. Your whole day will be passed by watching various activities by various & rarest bird species. In fact if you want to make yourself astonished then you may go for bird watching Amazon rain forest trip. The birds are real and the most attractive attraction in the place.

Your honeymoon will be equipped with photos with rarest species of birds in the world. The location provides immense option to have great moments in the holiday.

By Gracy Martin
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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

Planning go to honeymoon? This article show you the best honeymoon destinations in India.

India has amazing places for honeymoon which attracts many tourists from the entire globe. Newlywed couples love to enjoy their honeymoon at beaches. Goa and Kerala are the most favored honeymoon destinations which are blessed with some of the beautiful beaches of India.

However, newly married couples can make their honeymoon memorable by planning their honeymoon properly. Booking a honeymoon packages for honeymoon will save your time and also ensures that you will have comfortable journey while you are on your honeymoon. Honeymoon packages for India that are offered by Travel Hot will help you to have an unforgettable experience.

Goa is one of the fascinating places in India which is a perfect honeymoon destination. The beautiful beaches, green hills and forests that are rich in flora and fauna, churches, carnival etc. adds charm to this place. The beaches of Goa are perhaps the major honeymoon attraction.

You can spend memorable time with your partner at some of the popular beaches like Dona Paula, Miramar beach, Sinquerim Beach etc. Apart from this, you will love to enjoy the nightlife in Goa. Goa honeymoon packages that are offered by Travel hot give you an opportunity to have honeymoon packages of your choice.

Kerala is other famous honeymoon destination which is known as “god’s own country”. It offers newly married couple opportunity to explore some of the beautiful landscapes, beaches, backwaters and lot more. You can enjoy and relax with your partner at some of the popular beaches like Kovalam beach, Cherai beach etc.

In addition to this, you can enjoy the narrow backwaters of Allepey. If you want to make your honeymoon enjoyable without any tensions, then get Kerala honeymoon packages from TravelHot so that you can cherish each moment with your beloved in Kerala.

Travel hot is one of the famous travel booking sites which has attractive tour packages for you. You can get some of the exclusive honeymoon packages which range from standard to luxurious. You can select any of the tour packages of your choice by just making few clicks. But just keep in mind that you select the package which suits your pocket as well as interests. Travel hot makes sure that you get all requirements without any problems such as accommodation, food, transport etc during your trip. You can thus have memorable experience once you get your honeymoon package booked from Travel hot.

Rachit Singh want to share information about Travel Hot offers and discounts on Honeymoon packages, Kerala Honeymoon Packages, Goa Honeymoon Packages, Honeymoon in Shimla, Manali Honeymoon Packages and different Honeymoon Destinations in India.

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Monday, 24 October 2011

Golden Triangle Tour Ideal for Family Holidays in India

If India is your destination during this holidays, lets read this article.

Golden triangle is one of the most popular circuits of North India. It is a complete family holiday option in India and offers all for that the country recognized.  Several wonderful heritage sites, expedition of rich culture and life style of local people really capture the heart of most of the travelers on their golden triangle trip. So if you are looking for a family spot in India embark on this specially designed tourist circuit. Generally it covers three wonderful tourist spots as national capital Delhi, City of Taj Mahal that is Agra and the Pink City, Jaipur.

The circuit offers you a wonderful chance to travel around some most important historical sites of the country. In Delhi that is also the starting point of most of the golden triangle trips, you will visit several wonderful heritage monuments, new developed structures, government building, foreign embassies, temples, mosques, gurudawaras (worship place for Sikhs) and much more. The mix of Indian culture with western modernity also grabs the attention of several cultural enthusiasts on sightseeing. The city is home of quite a few tourist attractions, some must see of them are Red Fort, India Gate, Akshardham Temple, Lotus Temple and Qutub Minar.

Agra is the second destination of golden triangle. The city is the home of most poplar Indian heritage monument that is Taj Mahal, a epitome of true love standing form more than three and half centuries. The wonderful Taj Mahal is sited at the bank of holy Yamuna River. The building receives millions of travelers every year and one of the most visited heritage sites of India. Besides Taj Mahal, the city offers lot more to explore including City Fort, Itmad-ud-Daulah tomb also famous as baby Taj, Ram Bagh, China Tomb and   Fatehpur Sikri.

Jaipur is the third destination of Golden Triangle Tour. It is the capital city of Rajasthan and home of some most wonderful forts and palaces. Amber Fort, City Palace Complex, Hawa Mahal, Jantar-Mantar observatory, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort and Sheesh Mahal are the most popular tourist attractions of the city.

All these three cities are also bursting with wide rage of tourism facilities. You will find medium range to most luxury accommodation facilities and eateries very easily. With several remarkable tourist attractions and world class tourist facilities a well planned golden triangle is the ideal option for Family Holidays in India. You can also visit several popular tourist destinations Rajasthan with golden triangle circuit like Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Ajmer, Pushkar, Jodhpur, Bikaner, etc. Several reputed Travel Agents in Rajasthan offering excellent combined tour packages for golden triangle with popular tourist attractions of Rajasthan. You can also take help from them to plan your visit. They can plan your trip according vacation and budget and make your journey more pleasing and comfortable with their excellent services and assistance.

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Friday, 21 October 2011

Laos Highlights Tour

If you are planning an excellent holidays, Laos is the nice place to visit, you will find many tourist attractions which will be engraved forever in your memory. Lets read this article.

Hanoi, Vietnam -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2011 -- Officially known as the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Laos is an amazing place of cultural attractions and natural wonders. The country is located at the centre of Indonesia by sharing the border with Thailand, Cambodia, China, Myanmar and Vietnam. With stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and genuine hospitability through Buffalo Tours ( trip to Laos have magnetized many tourists every year.

If you are planning an excellent holiday tours to Laos, you will find many tourist attractions which will be engraved forever in your memory. Tout yourself to find the amazing Laos highlights provided by Buffalo Tours, which includes many travel destinations that come on your way. Some of the amazing Laos highlight tours that you can explore in Laos include:

Luang Prabang Cuisine and culture

Visit to Luang Prabang and experience the magnificent forested mountains, stunning golden temples and saffron robed monks, a splendid opportunity for sightseeing. Enjoy the cooking and silk dying class at Luang Pabang to make your Laos highlight tours more interesting and indulging. Buffalo Tours provides you the amazing opportunity to visit the vibrant Phou Si Market, where you can get the knowledge of selecting the fresh herbs from exotic jungle garden and will be accustomed with the multi cuisines of Southeast Asia and experience the half day traditional silk dyeing lesson by visiting the local weaving centre. An adventure lover can have multiple experiences of trekking as well as river rafting and trekking at Luang Parabang.

In Depth Laos

Visit the in depth beauty of Laos city and experience the tranquility of the natural landscape and the famous Pak Ou Caves near the sacred legendary Mekong river. While roaming around the village of Ban Xang Khong, you can find the weaving of traditional Lao textiles on ancient wooden looms. Exploring amazing things should be your priority while experiencing the Laos highlight tours. So explore the amazing Kuang Si waterfall and visit the rural lives of Laos at the mountainous plateau of Xieng Khouang. You will be amazed to find thousands of miniatures of Buddha statues as well as amazing eye catching landscapes and monuments. Retrieve the largest waterfalls in Asia, the Khone Phapheng and La Phi falls.

Laos Family Experience

A UNESCO world heritage site Luang Pabang is the ideal destination for families and adults. Luang Pabang is famous for a place called elephant village where you can enjoy a wonderful ride at the back of the royal creature and also enjoy a delicious buffet lunch at the Elephant View Restaurant where you can also take a 15 min boat trip to Tad Sae Waterfall and water lover can enjoy swimming at the crystal water. Visit the art and Traditional Arts and Ethnology Center to find the daily tribal life of Northern Laos. Along with that you can have the glimpse of local weavers and traditional Laotian textiles at Living Crafts Centre.

Find the astonishing spots to yield the best of Laos highlights which is the speciality of Buffalo Tours. Book your travel now to induce the amazing Laos highlight tours with Buffalo tours (

Hope you all can enjoy your holidays.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Autumn holiday...Where to go?

Where destinations to go for travel, holidays when autumn is coming?

In Europe, the middle of october and the beginning of november, is the perfect time to visit the Mediterranean areas because the popular destinations, the sunny weather and the warm temperatures. It is the perfect time to visit the magnificent southern Italy, Andalusia and the towns in south of Spain. Also the Greek islands are lovely travel destinations.

The monsoon season is almost over in Asia and so the tourist season is beginning. India is a perfect autumn destination although in some areas the weather is cool or even cold.  For a cultural vacation you can go in in Kathmandu and its surrounding area.

In Africa it’s the perfect time to visit the Desert in Tunisia, but also Madagascar and South Africa. An attractive destination is Egypt with its pyramids and  a luxurious Nile cruise which will take you back in time accompanied by warm temperatures.

Georgia, Atlanta or Dallas in Texas have an ideal climate at this time. Phoenix in the heart of the desert, in the Salt River Valley, also has temperatures that are closer to that of summertime. If you want to visit Argentina you must know that the weather is very dry and hot in this season, but it’s the perfect time to see the nature and the wildlife in Atlantic Patagonia.

Hope this destinations for holidays in autumn session can give u all  a romantic honeymoon place or choice for travelling with your family. 

Monday, 17 October 2011

Selecting a Cruise That Is Right for You

If you like travel and holidays, cruising is the best way to take a vacation.
If you are taking a cruise for the first time, the experience can be a little overwhelming. There is a lot more involved with taking a cruise than one might think. The first thing most people start to consider when planning a cruise is their budget. This is a very important place to start.
Experienced travelers know that there is more to picking just the right cruise than budget alone. There are couple of important factors to consider when choosing just the right cruise. With so many cruise options available it is important to find a destination and ship that will fit what you are looking for in a cruise. This in itself can be an over whelming process as there are so many destinations to choose from in the Caribbean alone.
For some, the perfect cruise will be an excursion with some of the best shopping available known to man, for others shopping is the furthest thing from their mind and it may be snorkeling or scuba diving that is on the top of their must do list. Needless to say it would be a very sad day for the first cruiser who is looking to go shopping only to go on a cruise and find their destination offers very little in the way of shopping.
This is why it is very important to do as much research as possible on your cruise port of call destinations.
Okay, what if you want to shop, your spouse wants to snorkel, but the kids want to go to a water park. It's good to know that there are several Caribbean cruise destinations that have all of these options available. Again it is just a matter of doing your research.
Another important area to focus your research is the cruise ship you will be sailing on. This is a very important thing to consider and is often the least researched when planning a cruise. What if all you really want for your cruise destination is to have crystal blue waters and a white sandy beach? You won't have any problems finding that in the Caribbean, so what you are basically saying is as long as it has a beach you really don't care where you go. If that is the case focus your research on finding the best cruise ship that meets your needs.
This is an important step to making sure your cruise is an enjoyable one and is just important, if not more so, as finding the right cruise destination. Why? Well for one, this is where you will be eating and sleeping for the next week or so, and once you are out in the middle of the ocean, there is no escape. The ship you choose is literally a floating city, it would be a shame to be stuck in New Orleans (nonstop party) for a week when what you really wanted was a romantic getaway for two in the Poconos.
Many cruise ships have theme based cruises and it might be worth your while to check to see if the ship you choose has any special groups on board. Cruise lines offer a variety of themed cruises that include but are not limited to cruises for singles, gay and lesbian cruises, Christian cruises and even clothing optional cruises. An easy way to do this, is to use your favorite search engine and put in the name of the ship you would like to sail on and the date you would like to travel. Many times you will find groups looking for others to join them in the fun.
Another thing you may want to check into, is to see if they have age specific activities available for those you are traveling with. For example, are there activities for small children or teenagers? If you are a "senior", are there activities that will keep you interested?
Bottom line, if you are a first time cruiser, it will be to your advantage to look beyond just the cost the cruise itself and do some serious research so that the money you do spend on your once in a lifetime cruise is well spent. For thousands of people, cruising is the best way to take a vacation, but every once in a while you do hear someone say it was one of the worst experiences they have ever had, makes you wonder if they did their research.
By Tami Sue
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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Labuan Beach An Attractive Place

I got this information from Official Portal Of Labuan Corporation.

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Batu Manikar Beach – Layang Layangan Glorious sunsets. That is the one thing a visitor would not fail to notice about Labuan. You can view it all along Jalan Batu Manikar right up to where University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) is located.

When the skies are clear (as it mostly is in sunny Labuan), the magnificent sun behaves as it had for centuries past. Its brilliant disappearing act into the horizon performance will begin just after 6pm.

The famous Batu Manikar Beach-Layang Layangan is a great place to view such a sunset. It is a fabulously long stretch of beach fringed with casuarinas and coconut trees. A footpath circles most parts of the beach for the convenience of joggers and casual walkers, shaded naturally by the many trees. It’s a definite incentive for health buffs to exercise out there with the fresh air, breeze and fantastic view.

Batu Manikar Beach – Layang Layangan won the COBSEA Clean Beach Award 2008. The prestigious award is well-deserved as every morning municipal council workers can be seen hard at work cleaning the beach from any rubbish and debris.

Layang-Layangan Beach is a popular place on weekends. Its sandy beaches invites one to lie down and soak up the sun with the waves lapping at one's toes

Layang-Layangan beach is a popular place on weekends. Its sandy white beaches is tempting, inviting one to lie down and soak up the sun with the sound of waves lapping at water's edge. Cycling paths and picnic tables are shaded by leafy trees. In this area too can be found many food stalls with live musical bands performing every weekend.

Horse riding and cycling are some of the popular leisure activities on this beach. The Peace Park is situated close by. The Manikar Beach Resort is also located around the same area.

Pancur Hitam Beach - This is one of the most developed beaches in Labuan. A beautiful landscaped park extends directly onto the long sandy beach.

Located at the north shore of Labuan, Pancur Hitam beach is home to Labuan's biggest and most luxurious private house - the "House of Millions of Peace". The roads nearby this house, Jalan Batu Manikar and Jalan Pancur Hitam, are tastefully designed with well landscaped and decorated pathways.

Just in front of the house, rows of local market stalls offer treats including fresh coconut water, chicken wings, popcorn and other mouth-watering local cuisines and knick-knacks. Right at the side of the house, there is a small natural path that will lead you to Bukit Pohon Batu (Pohon Batu Hill), the second highest peak in Labuan, where you can enjoy a jungle trekking jaunt. At the top of this hill, you will be greeted with beautiful beaches that stretch along the shore line. From this high vantage you can also have a bird's eye view of the entire Labuan island. On clear days, you can see all the way to the south of Financial Park Complex, situated in the heart of Labuan town.

Further south of Pancur Hitam beach, you will find a recreational area known as the "Sudut Cabaran" (Challenging Site), which offers an ideal site for various recreational activities including picnic and camping.

Towards the evenings, a breathtaking vista awaits you with the three peaks of Phin Batu Hill as a dramatic backdrop. The sunsets here is not to be missed! You can also catch a glimpse of typical Malay village near the Chimney (one of Labuan's famous landmark), Tanjung Kubong Tunnel Historical site, Labuan Bird Park and natural animal sanctuary - all the ingredients which makes Labuan one of the most fascinating tourist destination in Malaysia

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Singapore Tours - Explore the Astounding Tourism Attractions and Sightseeing Spots

This some info of tourist destinations that i got it from website...

Singapore attractions are truly different from rest of the tourist destinations in the world. From the charming and the serene Sentosa Island to the man made wonderments Underwater World to the exotically rich Night Safari and Singapore Bird Park, where an exclusive collection of birds from across the globe are kept for tourist entertainment as well for educational point of view. Singapore truly has some of the finest tourism attractions and sightseeing spots that engulf the heart of the visitors and tourist and offer them wonderful opportunity to enjoy vacation with unique experience of lifetime.

Some of the finest places of tourist interest are listed under:

Singapore Bird Park
It is one such park in the whole world where one can see the various species of birds approximately around 10000 of 600 different species under one roof. The birds here are brought from various parts of the world and are kept here not just for the tourist delights as well as it offer students to know about the habitat, features and looks of the birds found across the world. During the day various show are held out for tourist entertainment that allow the grasp the heart of the tourist to mesmerize them for the next visit.

Singapore Night Safari
Have you though of enjoying the view of the animals that too at the night time in an easy and comfortable way. Doesn’t it sound funny and scary but yes with this scary dream is made come true by Singapore Night Safari, where in tourists and animals lovers can see the view of the nocturnal animals in their natural surrounding, showing their eye catching moves and activities. Here tourists can enjoy the tram journey to view animals but the most exciting part to make the safari more enjoyable is by walking across the path, where you will see some heart thrilling view of animals and listen to scary sounds, coming from all corners.

Little India
Little India is one of the unique tourist spot in Singapore which is must visit during trip to Singapore. The place show cases the rich culture and traditions of India brought by the early Indian settlers during the 19th Century. The fragrance of the rich spices, jasmine flowers and the Indian culture truly give a different feeling and unique touch to tours in Singapore.

Beside these wonderments, tourists can also enjoy more by planning the tour in a more organised way. Several Singapore holiday packages are made available by the Singapore tour operator, to let the visitors and the tourist enjoy the tour in an enjoyable and comfortable way. So choose one according to your choice and budget and enjoy vacation in this heart grabbing Singapore in a delightful and memorable way.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Lagos is perfect tourist's destination to enjoy vacations

Africa is best continent of the world as far as tourism is concerned.

Tourists from all over the world visit Africa to enjoy and celebrate their vacations. Africa is the land of magic charms, tribes, mysterious voodoo, wild animals, gold and diamond mines etc. It is a paradise for hunters as well as animal lovers. Africa has famous Sahara desert, river Nile, Mount Kilimanjaro. If one side of Africa is desert, the other side compensates with amazing greenery and waterfalls. Africa definitely quenches the adventure thirst in you. Experience the legendary tom-toms and exotic smells in the land of Africa.
Lagos is one of the most beautiful and frequently visited conurbations of West Africa. Lagos is former capital city of Nigeria and currently serving Nigeria as commercial capital. Lagos holds the best climate of entire West African region. Lagos is placed on the shore of Atlantic Ocean and natural host of many stunning and fabulous beaches. There is an array of beaches placed at Lagos. Out of twelve most beautiful and gorgeous beaches Eleko beach, Lekki beach, Akodo beach, Bar beach, Alpha beach, Tarkawa beach and light house beach are the most visited and famous beaches of Lagos. These beaches are placed at different distances from the famous Murtala Muhammad international Airport and from the main land of Lagos.

Murtala Muhammad International Airport is very famous among the tourists of the world who use to visit Lagos by taking their flights to Lagos from London and other parts of the world. This Airport is major gateway of visitor's entrance into Lagos from all over the world. All the direct and indirect flights to Lagos lands at this Airport. This famous Airport was renamed after the assassination of their beloved President Mr. Murtala Muhammad in 1973. Previously this Airport was known as Lagos international Airport. Visitors book their flights to Lagos by Royal Air Maroc to have fun and enjoyment.

Main and famous tourists attractions located at Lagos include Tarzan Boat club, Ikoyi club. Freedom Park on Broad Street opened in October 2010 to mark Nigeria's 50th anniversary.Tafawa Balewa Square, The Apapa Amusement Park, Tarkwa Bay, the coastal town of Badagry.Black heritage museum and Synagogue Church. This church is also known as Church of all Nations. Visitors from every corner of the world do visit Lagos in hoards by catching their cheap flights to Lagos with Arik Air to stay at Lagos and enjoy their time by feeling the pleasant climate of Lagos and have tour at the amazing and gorgeous sites of Lagos.

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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Dining and Shopping In Kota Kinabalu

I love to come to Kota Kinabalu.
The sprawling Malaysian city of Kota Kinabalu lies in Sabah State on the South China Sea coast of Borneo, the fabled island split between Malaysia and Indonesia. Home to over 30 different nationalities in its conglomeration of formerly separate towns and villages, the city is a confusing, totally fascinating blend of heritage, cultures, traditions, legends and religions. From a Kota Kinabalu City Centre hotel, visitors can wander the streets and markets, spend time on the seafront at the fishing harbour and explore the diverse districts at the edge of town, all the while absorbing the unique flavour of this totally Asian city.
Unique flavours aren't confined to the obvious cultural aspects of the city, they permeate the distinctive Sabah cuisine on offer everywhere from street food stalls to upscale downtown restaurants. A mix of Malay, Arab, Filipino, ethnic, Javanese Indian and Chinese cooking, the main ingredients here are meats and the ultra-fresh daily catches of seafood, spiced or flavoured with roots, anchovies, oil-sautéed chilli pastes, nuts and fragrant herbs. Coconuts, their milk and their flesh, are important for the richness they add to a rice dish, for the delicious desserts and for smoothies and ice cream. Shellfish, crustaceans and deep-sea fish are caught offshore, and even unfamiliar offerings such as grilled stingray wings are a taste thrill.
Kota Kinabalu is known for its plethora of inexpensive dining options, with visitors arriving from the rest of Malaysia for a culinary weekend visit. The famous Night Market's open-air food court is a favourite haunt for domestic and overseas visitors, with its plastic seating and sheeting detracting not at all from the delicacies on offer.
For a very different dining experience, a must-try are the eat-with-your-fingers booths serving sticky curries, various rice dishes and other local specialities. If you obviously can't cope by scooping the food up with a folded banana leaf, more plastic is produced in the form of spoons and forks!
For a less riotous experience coupled with good sunset views, the seafood eateries near the fish market are a good choice at reasonable prices. In this mostly Muslim country, it's still OK to drink alcohol, with the local rice wine and beers easily available. In the more upscale restaurants around SEDCO Square in the city centre, wine is a good choice, but not cheap. Cocktails and a delicious variety of smoothies and coconut milk-based soft drinks are also great accompaniments to Sabah cuisine. If you need a break, steakhouses and fast food joints abound in the malls and many hotels serve English dishes.
Many domestic tourists from KL flock to Kota Kinabalu for the shoportunities in the malls and markets, saving more than the air fare on fashions, pearls and goods for the home. Prices here are seriously low, with bargaining in the markets and small stores forcing them even lower. There are five major malls, with the largest, Centrepoint, home to famous French and Italian designer boutiques with genuine fashions at bargain prices. At a more basic level are the international high-street fashion chains' factory outlets in the same mall, and for even cheaper options the city's many markets are a dream to wander.
For visitors looking for décor items or ethnic souvenirs of their holiday, the Sunday Gaya Street fair is the place to start, wit its stalls displaying batiks, sarongs, colourful textiles and craft artefacts from all over Southeast Asia. Bamboo and rattan is woven into everything from mats to handbags and baskets. For those interested in antiques and with a little knowledge in the field, there are galleries in the Merdeka mall and several shops of the waterfront offer genuine Sabah handicrafts and works of art by local artists. Karamunsing Plaza's third floor handicraft centre is also of interest.
By Lek Boonlert
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