Friday, 28 October 2011

Traveling to Ecuador is the Best Holidays Plan

Want to know more place to go during holidays? Ecuador is best destination for holidays and honeymoon.

For newly wed couples, Ecuador is the most perfect and suitable place for them. This place has been declared as the world heritage site by international environment organizations. Since then the place has become the perfect tourist destination of South America. After the declaration as world heritage city, this location has been continuously renovated and equipped with facilities to cater thousands of people every day. Finalizing travel to Ecuador by newly wed couple would be the best decision made at the beginning of their relationship.

This location has many things to cater to every tourist in a day. The trip provides memories for whole life which remains always unforgettable. Ecuador is the city which is completely equipped with Churches and monuments which have their own stories to tell. Roaming from one monument to another or offering payers in various Churches will not make you tired at all. The reason lies in the best climatic conditions that remain soothing throughout the year. The temperature in the locality remains always soothing and bearable.

Another reason that will boast your stamina are exotic food that are found here. Coming here will increase your appetite due to the rare taste and aroma that is found in the food available here. There are hundreds of rarest dishes and tastiest exotic dishes found here in Ecuador. In the location you will find tastiest fish dishes that are prepared by the most famous chiefs in the city. The hotels available in the city provide presidential services along with the exotic food.

Well, this is not the end of the story. After offering all these exceptional services and viewing historical monuments and Churches, the place also offers various things. Remember, coming here once will encourage you to book the place in advance for next vacation. The reason lies in its bird watching activity. This location is famous for rarest species that are hardly found any where in the world. Due to birding activities this place has been declared as world heritage city. The location provide habitat for one thousand and six hundred species approximately. Your whole day will be passed by watching various activities by various & rarest bird species. In fact if you want to make yourself astonished then you may go for bird watching Amazon rain forest trip. The birds are real and the most attractive attraction in the place.

Your honeymoon will be equipped with photos with rarest species of birds in the world. The location provides immense option to have great moments in the holiday.

By Gracy Martin
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