Thursday, 20 October 2011

Autumn holiday...Where to go?

Where destinations to go for travel, holidays when autumn is coming?

In Europe, the middle of october and the beginning of november, is the perfect time to visit the Mediterranean areas because the popular destinations, the sunny weather and the warm temperatures. It is the perfect time to visit the magnificent southern Italy, Andalusia and the towns in south of Spain. Also the Greek islands are lovely travel destinations.

The monsoon season is almost over in Asia and so the tourist season is beginning. India is a perfect autumn destination although in some areas the weather is cool or even cold.  For a cultural vacation you can go in in Kathmandu and its surrounding area.

In Africa it’s the perfect time to visit the Desert in Tunisia, but also Madagascar and South Africa. An attractive destination is Egypt with its pyramids and  a luxurious Nile cruise which will take you back in time accompanied by warm temperatures.

Georgia, Atlanta or Dallas in Texas have an ideal climate at this time. Phoenix in the heart of the desert, in the Salt River Valley, also has temperatures that are closer to that of summertime. If you want to visit Argentina you must know that the weather is very dry and hot in this season, but it’s the perfect time to see the nature and the wildlife in Atlantic Patagonia.

Hope this destinations for holidays in autumn session can give u all  a romantic honeymoon place or choice for travelling with your family. 

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